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crow_moon ([personal profile] crow_moon) wrote2015-01-14 10:22 am

A New Year, a New Blog!

So 2014 passed by very quickly, and with little to show for it. I haven't documented or recalled much of anything from the last year, which means, thanks to my lousy memory, I may as well have not bothered to live it at all! Hah!

So I am going to use this space to chart my experiences this year.

My first WIP: Lucy's Cosy Stripe Blanket at Attic24. I got a little drunk on Christmas Eve 2014 and bought the 15 colour pack at Wool Warehouse, so when it arrived on January 5 I felt compelled to get started. I am already over 20% complete, hooray! 22.5 stripes out of 91, and I am loving the feel and look of the yarn, and so affordable!

So here is my model, Sansa, showing off the latest winter blanket fashions!

Isn't she fabulous?

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